30 Lap F1000 Single Seater Experience

From: £259.00 inc VAT

This is the pinnacle of our motorsport experience offer. Our Grand Prix, the most intense drive in the fastest cars we have. With this amount of seat time drivers will be able to attain another level of focus, brake zones stripped to the bare minimum, turn in made with razor precision, every apex inch perfect and rubber tortured by maximum throttle.

Expect intense acceleration, high G-forces and mind bending grip – driving will never be the same again.

Following registration, the experience starts with a welcome and theory based briefing, covering performance track driving & track day etiquette. You will then be passenger in one of our track prepared supersport cars (Evo X, Impreza STi, BMW M3) for 3 track paced sighting laps and 1 high speed passenger lap to get a feel for basic racing lines, before driving the Formula F1000 for a further 26 laps.

There is a strict height limit of 6′ 1″ for these vehicles.

Please note that we release a new month's worth of dates at the beginning of each month. Our bookings are non-refundable and a re-booking fee may be applicable for date changes once the order has been placed.

Session Information


Min height: 5’2
Max height: 6’1″
Max weight: 16 stone
Physically fit with no serious health conditions
Glasses must be worn if needed
Full manual driving license
Slim fitting flat-soled shoes must be worn

Calendar Key:

Red: Fully booked
Green: Spaces available
Green with brown corner: Limited spaces available
Date not highlighted: Experience not available