Extra Laps

£25.00£90.00 inc VAT

Looking for something to extend your experience?

If you’d like to add a few extra laps to your drive in the car you’ve booked or want to take on something else, you can add a few Extra Laps to your experience in another car.

Where possible with our schedule, we operate open pit lane access throughout the day, so if something in the pits catches your eye and you fancy stepping into the drivers seat, you can!
Perhaps you want a couple more laps to absolutely nail the racing line or just can’t wait to say goodbye to such a beautiful car.

Extra lap bolt-ons also afford drivers the opportunity to try out another discipline to that they’re booked in for. Go from stunt driving to drifting or test your track skills after some sideways action.

We know you’ll love it, plus you know what to come back for with up to 50% off for life once you’ve got your Driver Club membership!


Extra Laps are available in the following packages:

Supercars and Flagship cars – 4 or 8 laps.
GT Race Cars and Drifting – 10 laps.


Extra laps cannot be used as a stand alone experience. Vehicles chosen are subject to availability on the day. If a car is not available due to routine maintenance or removal from circuit, vehicle(s) of the same category/or price will be given as an alternative.