Independence Day Sale

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God Bless American Muscle!


We’re a big fan of Uncle Sam’s motors here at Drift Limits, with many of their fantastic gas guzzling giants making their way around our circuits and into our hearts.

Did you know our site used to be a US Army Air Forces (USAAF) base during World War 2? Seems only right that we host some of the biggest, baddest and brutish cars ever to leave the motor cities of the USA.

We’re celebrating the Land of the Free for the whole of July and can issue your own Declaration of Independence in the form of a gift voucher certificate entitling you to a drive in our American Beauties.


Every single experience voucher listed here will drop to
50% off retail price
June 29th – July 31st





  • Tesla’s Ludicrous Model S P90D Driving Experience – 14 Lap Experience driving the unbelievably fast car of the future.
  • American Police Dodge Charger Driving Experience – A genuine Hemi V8 Sheriff car from North Carolina, fully kitted out with lights and shotgun mounts!
  • Dodge Viper VX SRT – With the largest engine fitted to a road car, this 8.4L V10 monster is exclusive to us and can only be driven at Drift Limits.
  • Ford ‘Bullitt’ Mustang – 1968’s Green Legend driven by Steve McQueen ditches San Francisco for our circuit.
  • ‘Eleanor’ Shelby Mustang GT500 Driving Experience – This Supercharged monster Mustang tribute to ‘Eleanor’ is nothing short of spectacular.
  • ‘Bullitt’ VS ‘Eleanor’ Experience – Can’t decide which movie legend to drive? This one’s for you.
  • Tesla VS Viper Experience – American Muscle vs American Electric. Past vs Future. You vs Both.



Sale operating June 29th to July 31st.

Digital Gift Vouchers Only.

Vouchers will be sent via email in a certificate format.

Vouchers have a 12 month validity.

Stetson not included.