The ‘Police Pursuit’ Rule of 6 Sale

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Take driving experiences to another level and feel the pressure of this immersive and hugely intense adrenaline fuelled rush. Take the role of a fugitive on the run in a real high speed car chase who has just been reported for the felony crime of aggravated robbery and a recent vehicle hi-jacking.

Challenge yourself and your friends to evade the local Driftlimits law enforcement in an illicit ‘Police Pursuit’ to see if you can escape being taken into custody by the Driftlimits Dodge Charger V8 Interceptor and make it onto our ‘Most Wanted’ list where your mug shot will be framed. Worried you might not get away? Well you should be, but this experience is not all about speed, it requires tactical decision-making, quick reactions and evasive driving skill. Have you got what it takes to escape with your freedom along with the stolen contraband in your possession?


The Ultimate ‘Rule of 6’ Compliant Experience

The Police Pursuit Experiences at Drift Limits are completely ‘Rule of 6’ compliant and COVID-19 safe.

The exhilaration of the pursuit is amplified exponentially when experienced with friends. Perfect for Stag & Hen Dos, Birthday Parties, Team Building Sessions and just having fun with all your mates, we take safety seriously and ensure there’s adequate space and seating for social distancing during briefings and when on site. All participants (including instructors) clean their hands with alcohol gel before driving, wear N95 or greater rated face masks in the pre-santised vehicles, giving the safety and security you expect when taking part in an experience.

The UK Government may have introduced a law restricting social groups to six people, however that doesn’t mean all the fun has gone from this world!

The Police Pursuit Experiences at Drift Limits are the perfect high-adrenaline experience for up to 6 drivers to take part in.
To make this super easy, we offer easy to purchase vouchers for up to SIX people taking part in the MX5 Police Pursuit.

What’s more, the more people that take part, the more of a discount we offer!

All experiences 50% off RRP
Buy 4 or more vouchers for a further discount!


MX5 Voucher for 1 – Was £138, now £69 [50%off]

MX5 Voucher for 2 – Was £276, now £138 [50% off]

MX5 Voucher for 3 – Was £414, now £207 [50% off]

MX5 Voucher for 4 – Was £552 , now £276 [50% off] + rule of 6 bonus 10% off! – £248

MX5 Voucher for 5 – Was £690 , now £345 [50% off] + rule of 6 bonus 10% off! – £310

MX5 Voucher for 6 – Was £828 , now £414 [50% off] + rule of 6 bonus 10% off! – £372

Porsche and GTA Vouchers also on sale with 50% off and additional 10% off for 4 or more, check drop down menu for prices.


This experience can be taken as a passenger experience, riding alongside a ‘hardened criminal’ and looking after the loot during the pursuit. The passenger’s job is to act as the eyes and ears for the driver, as their partner in crime, to assist them in evading the law. Give directions to your crooked conspirator as you outrun the law and stay out of cuffs, or sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s up to you.

To book the experience for a passenger participant, simply state ‘Passenger’ in the booking details when placing your booking!

Sale Ends 13th November.