The Pit & Paddock

Time for a Pit Stop

Driftlimits is a one stop shop for everyone obsessed with incredible cars and machinery.
Our ‘Pit & Paddock’ hospitality suite and parking area is a coffee house, meeting place and general hangout spot for spectators and guests.

Everyone is welcome, even for those that are simply passing by and fancy a quick coffee pit stop, meet & greet and to soak up the sound of V10’s on track.

We have a wide range of refreshments on site including Tea & Coffee, Soft Drinks & Water, Chocolates & Crisps and even Gourmet Sandwiches & Wraps!

Lambo ST-7
Ferrari Detail-21
The second Sunday of every month we run a ‘Pit & Paddock Show & Shine’ event where we invite car clubs all over the country to show off their pride and joy parked up on our circuits.

The perfect opportunity for photoshoots and meeting like minded car nuts.
Bring your pride and joy to somewhere that truly respects it, to the home of the greatest driving experiences the UK has to offer.
Best thing of it all, your ticket goes to charity!
Drift Limits will have a selection of their cars in the pit lane, get up close and personal with some of the most incredible cars that you won’t see anywhere else!
If you run a car club and want to ‘sponsor’ a Pit & Paddock event date, book a slot or announce your attendance, get in touch with us and we’ll publish your details here.

Exhibitor vehicles are FREE to attend.

All other vehicles £3 to enter.
All profits from entry fees will be donated to charity!

These events are paired with autojumble, local businesses and motoring related brands to bring like minded car nuts together.
Hire an Autojumble pitch for the day for only £5
For a business pitch, contact us to find out more.

Drift Limits’ Pit & Paddock
Show & Shine Events Calendar


August 9th

Special Inaugural Event!
Supporting the NHS via
Raise – The West Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity

September 13th

October 11th

November 8th

December 13th 


January 10th

February 14th

March 14th

April 11th

May 9th


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Private Hire

We also can offer our suite for private hire and catering.
Spectators can enjoy the view out of our viewing balcony inside and out whilst in complete comfort in all ‘British’ weather conditions!
Guests can expect the highest level of catering standards, fuelled with superb on-site catering options from Mediterranean dishes to traditional British menus accompanied with splendid afternoon tea. Whatever your dietary requirement, with prior notice we can arrange whatever type of food and drink you desire – as long as there’s no alcohol involved!


Drinks and light snacks are on offer throughout the day at our cosy ‘Drifters Café’ which provides a comfortable space to stretch out and relax.

Show & Shine Details


Each show and shine event will start at 10am and end at 4pm.



At Drift Limits! On our Circuits!
Yes, that’s right. You can park your car up on Circuit 112, our supercar and flagship circuit or on the B17 Bomber circuit.
The circuit you park on will be dependent on capacity and cannot be chosen.



To get involved, just come along. It’s that easy. Turn up no earlier than 10am and leave before 4pm.
If your vehicle qualifies for a position on our circuit, we’ll flag you through and our marshals will get you positioned on circuit. Each car will have adequate spacing in-between for each to open their doors.



To exhibit your car is absolutely free.

To attend and view is £3 per car. All profits raised will be donated to a local charity supporting that date.

Autosolo pitches are £5 per 5m x 10m pitch.

Trade pitches please contact us to discuss, selecting ‘Business Enquiries’ from the drop down menu.



Yes, we have some.
Anyone breaking these rules will be instantly required to leave and/or banned.
No second chances. No bribes. No take-backs.

  1. Be polite and courteous to all in attendance. Their vehicle may not be your style, chances are yours isn’t theirs. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.
  2. No excessive and unnecessary revving of engines. We love how it sounds, but keep it respectful.
  3. No limiter bashing.
  4. Please comply with any polite instructions and requests from marshals, Drift Limits staff and Management.
    We all want these events to continue. There will be no second requests.
  5. Keep your speed low. This is a show and shine. Not a track day.
  6. Respect our Neighbours when entering and exiting site.
  7. Racing on the A41 is illegal, irresponsible and will result in you being banned.
    The police will be aware of and attend our events. You will get caught.
  8. No Drugs. They’re still illegal, this is still the UK.
  9. No Alcohol. We do not have a licence. Plus, Drink Driving is illegal and irresponsible.
  10. SPL competitions, subwoofer standoffs and continued loud playing of music are not allowed. Demo your stuff within reason, but please, respect our neighbours!
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