The Drift Limits Circuits

The Race Circuit

Drift Limits guests will enjoy driving to their limit around our purpose built freshly laid tarmac circuit – offering an array of challenging fast sweeping bends and technical chicanes. The demanding circuit encourages drivers to learn the racing line and trail braking techniques. Our world class instructors will perfect your driving technique so that you understand the correct steering inputs for double apex corners and late turn in points – teaching you to drive harder and faster than ever before!

The Drift Circuit

At Bovingdon Airfield we are fortunate enough to have built our very own Drift Track as well having a circuit for our supercar driving experiences. The Drift Track utilises the enormous width and length of the main runway designed specially with runoff in mind, to ensure a safe proving ground for learning car control. Our renowned Drift Limits instructors specialise in the art of drifting and we will push you to the limit physically and mentally with our Drifting Experiences. Our demanding track is perfect for all driver levels from novice to professional.

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