1-1 Tuition

Drift Limits Motorsport Academy offers an exclusive opportunity, giving just you, our fleet of cars and 3 challenging circuits to play with.


Our 1 on 1 course is the most intensive programme offering avid motorsport enthusiasts a proven competitive edge for all driver levels from a complete novice all the way to World Formula Series. Develop your driving with a variety of different vehicle dynamics from low powered front engined Mx-5’s to high powered mid-engined competition race cars on an array of different handling tracks, gradients and textures enabling you the best opportunity to learn as quickly as possible, stretching your ability to the limit and having an incredibly fun time doing so!


1:1 tuition from our renowned instructors ensures careful attention to your personal driving style, and the whole day can be tailored to your specific needs. So whether your aim is to simply improve your track driving lap times or conversely you wish to gain confidence in car control and road safety we can help. Some of our 1:1 clients compete professionally as racing drivers / drift competitions or on the film set as accredited stunt professionals where there is no margin for error and need perfect their technique in a safe controlled closed set.

Our half day 1:1 courses can be scheduled for almost any morning even at short notice; our full day courses tend to be left open specially for Tuesday’s.

Tier 1 Vehicles | Half Day (3 Hour Session - 2 Hours Seat Time) - £399 | Full Day (6 Hour Session - 4 Hours Seat Time) - £749
Drift & Stunt track: 
Supercar Circuit: 
E90 M3
Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Mitsubishi Evo
TVR T350c
Bomber Circuit:
Tier 2 Vehicles | Half Day (3 Hour Session - 2 Hours Seat Time) - £499 | Full Day (6 Hour Session - 4 Hours Seat Time) - £949
Drift & Stunt track: 
Mazda Mx-5 
Nissan 350z
Supercar Circuit: 
All Supercars
Bomber Circuit:
Tier 3 Vehicles | Half Day (3 Hour Session - 2 Hours Seat Time) - £599 | Full Day (6 Hour Session - 4 Hours Seat Time) - £1149
Drift & Stunt track: 
Mazda Mx-5 
Nissan 350z
Supercar Circuit: 
All Racecars
All Supercars
Bomber Circuit:


“Working in the Stunt Industry I am continuously training and improving my skills to be ready for any action that I might be asked to perform. With this in mind and to improve my driving skills, I found Drift Limits, with a wide range of Car Driving options, from Drifting, Stunt Driving and Super Car Track Driving, which has been very beneficial and great fun. The One to One Tuition was great and allowed me to improve my car skills ten fold. I can definitely highly recommend Drift Limits whether it is to improve your driving skills, or just for the high octane thrill!! Massive Thank You to all the team at Drift Limits!!”

Matt Sherren

“I’ve been using Drift Limits for all of my driving tuition for the last 3 years, their professional and knowledgeable instruction and variety of cars has helped me hone my skills and open up new opportunities in my career as a Stunt Professional” – Lucy Cork

Basic Practical Training Sessions:
At least 20 mins per objective expected as a tutored session-

  • J turns – High and low speed
  • J- turns into parking bays
  • J-turns with ABS including initiating flick
  • Hand brake turns
  • Handbrake 90′ stops
  • Handbrake 180’s and drive away
  • Handbrake Parallel Park
  • Handbrake precision with start marks, navigation marks and handbrake into marked box
  • Do- nuts
  • Understeer / oversteer control and creation
  • Figure of 8’s
  • 90 drift peel out
  • 180 drift peel out
  • 90 drift through corridor
  • 180 drift through corridor
  • 90  drift through intersection (gated start and finish)
  • Slaloms – Forward and reverse
  • Rolling 180 (handbrake to reverse roll)
  • Slaloms to Handbrake 90 Box park
  • Slaloms to Handbrake 180 Box park
Advanced Practical Training Sessions:
At least 1 hour per objective expected as tutored session-
  • Proximity driving through gates
  • Cat & Mouse driving
  • Mirrored and Synchronised manoeuvres as a ‘stunt display’
  • “Chase” driving
  • Stunt autosolo track
  • Controlled spin simulation
  • Reverse Slalom to J-turn
  • 360′ high speed
  • Rolling 180 to J-turn (Handbrake to reverse J-turn)
Track Driving
  • Racing line with and without cones
  • Effect of a late apex
  • Effect of an early apex
  • Effect of trail braking
  • ABS- understanding limitations of threshold braking and differences of Non ABS cars.
  • Understanding different traction control systems in different cars
  • Braking distances
  • Driver distractions, concentration and alertness. Dealing with tension and stress. Looking ahead and pre planning routes.
  • Understanding gradient change and effects on vehicle dynamics at varying speeds.
  • Understanding grip change on a mixed surface and texture changes.
  • Limitations of grip on corners exploring – understeer / oversteer and how to correct and control. Understanding of weight dynamics affecting grip levels in various drive train and engine layouts..
  • Understanding and maximising tyre contact patch.
  • Race craft – looking at how to overtake safely in racing scenario’s
  • Power oversteer and straightening up
  • Correct hand positioning
  • Linking drifts in (MX5) and 350z
  • Feint braking drift entries
  • Handbrake initiation
  • Handbrake drift extension
  • Clutch kick initiation
  • Clutch kick continuation
  • Shift lock drifting
  • Dynamic weight shift and Scandinavian flick
  • How best to spin (if its inevitable or wise to do so)
  • Clipping points
  • Twinning
  • Competition prep – judged scoring board drift laps

At Drift Limits we offer the option of purchasing a collision damage waiver for £65, this provides an additional level of insurance to remove liability for damage made to Drift Limits vehicles during your session. Please include this as part of your request for further details and relevant forms.

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