Passenger Experiences

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Play the part of the contraband-holding partner in crime,
keeping your eyes peeled for the fuzz and acting as a lookout for your professionally trained co-driver.
Think someone’s getting the drop on your driver? Give them directions to switch lanes and evade capture
as you hold on for your life in the chase of the century.

If you successfully get away from the cops, you get to keep the contraband hidden in the special case!


Prefer to be on the right side of the law?
Don the cap, strap on your holster and polish the badge as you put on the uniform
that strikes fear into the hearts of those that dwell in the darkness.
With your partner at your side, you’ll stake out the lanes until the radio call comes in from HQ –
“Thieves getting away! BEGIN PURSUIT!”

With your keen eye and direction, you’ll outwit the despicable few who threaten the peaceful lives of the law-abiding citizen,
track them down and put them into the back of your Dodge Charger Pursuit Vehicle.
Confiscate the stolen contraband, place it in the trunk and return the evidence to HQ for a reward from the Police Chief.

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