Jordan F1 Experiences

Welcome to the only authentic Jordan F1 driving experience ever created in the world.

This is chassis number 1, driven by F1 driver Takuma Sato and the only drivable EJ12 chassis in existence; the other being showcased in Honda’s Museum.

EJ12 was the design of Egbul Hamidy, with a production cost of each car in the region of £4.5 million. Our car, chassis number 1 is a beautiful feature of engineering and has actually been signed by the team’s boss – Eddie Jordan!

The chassis: Full carbon fibre composite monocoque, composite pushrods activating chassis mounted penski dampers and torsion bars.

Front track: – 1500mm, rear track – 1418 mm, overall height 950mm with an overall length of 4600mm.

Wheels: Forged OZ Racing to Jordan GP specification

Tyres: Bridgestone Front 260/640/r13 Rear 320/660/r13

Total fuel capacity: 95kgs.

Brakes: Brembo brake calipers / carbon fibre discs

Weight: 600kg

Gearbox: Pneumatic paddle-shift Hewland

Eddie Jordan’s team utilized a naturally aspirated 3.0l Honda V10 power plant which has now been swapped for a 3.0l Judd. De-limited, this engine can spin all the way up to a dizzy 10,500 rpm, developing almost 600 horsepower.

The Jordan F1 – obscenely fast and totally unrivalled, can only be described as an absolute rocket. This driving experience truly demonstrates the sheer concentration and reflexes required to drive in F1 – at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Our Formula 1 driving programs are developed in-house by our professional motorsport team, utilising three circuits and up to four separate on-track sessions, we will train you on all the knowledge required for your Formula 1 initiation.

The experiences will be operated during warmer months for the best conditions and experience.



Fancy A Photo?

We also offer two photoshoot packages that include our Jordan F1 car.

If you don’t fancy driving this car but would like the opportunity to come along, see the vehicle up close, get a few snaps with it and maybe even sit in the car then take a look at our two photo packages below.

You do not need to hold a driving licence for either of these products and they are open to anyone between the ages of 5 and 80 years old.

There is a strict height limit of 6′ 2″ for these experiences.

There is a weight limit of 13 stone.

There is no Collision Damage Waiver available for these experiences.
A refundable security deposit must be paid via credit card when booking.
There is no Cancellation Indemnity available for these experiences.

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