Group Bookings at Drift Limits

Let your group explore the world’s most diverse roster of supercars, drift cars and FIA globally homologated race cars totally exclusive to Drift Limits. An experience shared together with your friends, family, colleagues or clients is a unique experience doubled in fun, reward and unforgettable memories. We’re unique, we’re the only Motorsport Academy in the world where you can experience drifting, supercars, race cars, single seaters and stunt driving all in one mad action packed day.

It’s a scientific fact that an experience gives more long term value to us than material goods and the uplifting feeling is quantifiably greater.
The anticipation, building up inside us from the moment we arrange it, all the way up to the experience itself. We can look back on it with fond memories through photographs and video, sensory stimulus or in conversation. Each time we do, that profound feeling of excitement and adrenaline comes flooding back and what we felt, saw or learned from that experience never leaves us.

The Drift Limits team are all here because we want to share that buzz and exhilaration alongside the pilots – you! Every member of our team you will find great company – we are young (at heart), super passionate (albeit with some lighthearted humour) which just makes it easy for everyone on the day to chat away and connect, forming relationships and memories that you will never forget.

The most important thing to know about Group Bookings, is that they are completely tailor made and customised to your specifications often combined with a series of challenges to keep even the most competitive minds on edge, we can even offer complete exclusivity so it’s just your group and the Drift Limits complex all to yourself.

Public (Domestic) Groups


Stag Dos

Hen Dos

Birthday Parties

Groups of up to 6

Custom Multi-Discipline Experiences

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Corporate (Business) Groups


Team Rewards

Team Building Exercises

Team Skills Development

Corporate Entertainment

PR Events & Site Hire

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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties at Drift Limits guarantee a celebration that you’ll love, no matter how many candles are on your cake.

We offer Passenger Ride Packages for ages 5 and up and Driving Experiences for ages 11 and up.

Want to bring a cake? Get the whole briefing room group to sing them ‘Happy Birthday’? No worries! Or maybe you want to see a fully grown man trembling at his knees? You just let us know.

We can organise special custom group experiences for you at special rates, exclusive use and booking times. All you have to do is tell us how many you want to bring along and what your budget is.

Kids Parties


Ride and Drive

The most popular package we do for kids aged 11 and over is a Passenger Ride Experience driven at breakneck speeds in 1-2 of our Supercars and Race Cars as part of our Saturday Morning 11:30 session.

This is followed by a lunch break of approximately 1 hour, before we start an Under 17s Driving Experience at 2pm where they take to the track for a 1:1 lesson with one of our Professional Driving Instructors.


Ultimate Ride

For those not old enough to drive yet, our Ultimate Supercar Passenger Ride Experience is one of the best offerings.
Giving a total of 8 laps on track, they jump into no less than 3 of our Supercars or Race Cars for a total of 6 blistering laps on track. Also included are 2 ludicrous drift laps, taken high speed and sideways in our modified Drift Competition Nissan 350z cars.



Want something different? Special? Unique? That’s what we do best.

All of our drivers are CRB Checked for your safety, security and peace of mind.


Adult Parties

Now that we’re older, the fun is completely unadulterated.

By no means does that mean it’s more subdued than the Kids levels of excitement in fact it seems we revert back to one!

The greatest group driving experience by far, is one we’ve created with groups in mind.


The Police Pursuit Experience.

With easy voucher purchase for up to 6 people and group bookings up to 14 in an hour and a half session, you can take to the track for some unbelievable track based mayhem in our version of Grand Theft Auto. Sure, it’s all done in a safe and secure environment, but the adrenaline rush and mental challenge you will face is unparalleled.


Supercars on track

You and your group of friends will be able to drive these exotic supercars back to back on the circuit together for the ultimate shakedown! Testing out and comparing your dream supercars and bespoke homologated race cars found nowhere else in the world. Finish it off with a nice meal where you compare notes on who nailed the racing line and which car was the biggest handful!


Take it sideways in the smokers club

Learning to slide a car with skill, precision and speed is one of the most exhilarating ways to develop your car control. Drifting has become the world’s fastest growing motorsport for this reason and it’s even more fun when your friends are sideways right behind you. The pressure is on when you know you have to link up the next four consesecutive corners perfectly in transition; spin and you’ll receive no points in the drift trophy..maximum concentration required.

Whatever you feel like doing, just let us know how many people and what your budget is. We’ll build the best package.

Please note that Stunt Driving and Single Seater F1000 experiences aren’t suitable for larger group bookings due to the elongated nature of these experiences and limited availability. We can operate these as a group, however in smaller numbers (<6) and some waiting will be involved.
Stag and Hen Do

It’s time for them to leave the single world behind and you’ve been tasked with bringing to a close their years of searching with the ultimate celebration.

Or perhaps you want to drop the hint?

Look no further. We’ll arrange the best send off any petrolhead could wish for.

Supercar and Race Car Driving. Drifting. Stunt Driving. Autosolo. Challenges. Competition. Fun and Speed.

Remember the driving comes first! The drinking second!


The whole package

Let’s face it, an experience is one thing. A big thing for sure, but not the be-all and end-all.
A solid start to the day or a thrilling closure, with a place to stay, somewhere to let your hair down and party, then a stonking meal with drinks to refuel you and exchange all those funny stories over? We can help arrange all of this for you. Our Local Partnerships will ensure you have the best time ever before the big day.


All you have to do is get in touch, talk to us about how many people you wish to book for, when’s the big day and what your budget is. If different people have a varying budget, we can work out individual packages for each of you.


All you have to do is get in touch, talk to us about how many people you wish to book for, when’s the big day and what your budget is. If different people have a varying budget, we can work out individual packages for each of you.


Large Groups

The bigger the group, the bigger the fun, the shorter the wait.

Unlike other Driving Experience Centres around the UK, we lead the way with incredible in-depth bookings management procedures that ensure we can arrange each day’s activities into organised, structured sessions with smaller waiting times than any other provider. We’ve got out the calculators, crunched the numbers, set the procedures and perfected the science. We really do take this seriously.

We know how many, how long and how much we can perform throughout the day so all groups booking in with us, have the best experience possible.

We don’t book you in at 8am and tell you that you could be driving at 2pm. We structure, plan and fairly execute your driving experience within your session time and will always keep you in the loop as to who, what and when.

If you’re thinking about filling a full size coach with people and looking for somewhere to come, we can arrange experiences for everyone, including the coach driver!


Custom Multi-Discipline Experiences

Drift Limits are the only centre IN THE WHOLE OF THE UK who have not one, not two, not three, but SIX dedicated circuits and driving areas for experiences to take place.

We have the following:

  1. Circuit 112 – Our Supercar Track
  2. B17 Bomber – Our Race Car Circuit
  3. Memphis – Our Drift Track
  4. Stunt Block East – Our lower Stunt block
  5. Stunt Block West – / Autosolo
  6. Skid Central – Dedicated Skid Pan

Why have one experience when you can have so many, in one day?

Make your day one to remember for the rest of your lives.

All groups must be no more than 6 people as per Government guidelines

Contact us about placing a Group Booking


Adam W.

“You will be pleased to hear that, for each time I’ve visited DL, I have attended with a different social group, all of whom tell me they had a great time. 

We think the flexibility to bolt-on the additional laps on the circuit, etc. is great, and feel the prices associated are very reasonable. We also think the enthusiasm of the team, their patience during instruction, etc. is fantastic! The fleet of cars continues to grow too, which is welcome, and am glad to see a few of the “staples” remain (that Atom of yours will never get boring…!).” – Adam W

Jonathan Abbey – Red Letter Days

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you from me and Steve for yesterday, we had an awesome time. Can totally see how you’d get addicted to drifting, the penny was beginning to drop by the end, such good fun. And the high speed passenger rides were great. I elected for the Nissan and Steve went in the Ferrari and then we both went in the Atom – thought I was going to take off! Honestly such a good day. All your staff are brilliant, super friendly and professional and just make you feel really relaxed. I’ve been to other driving schools where they just make you feel on edge! Thanks again to you and everyone at Drift Limits.”

Group Booking FAQ

How much does it cost?

The most important question of all and the one that’s on the tip of your tongue. Let’s get this one out of the way first.


There are two very important questions that you need to be able to answer when coming to us to book a group booking. They’re a little probing, but with these we can guarantee a superb date for all involved with very little hassle.

  1. How many people are there in your group?
  2. What’s your budget?

We know, the money one is very hard to answer. However, we seriously can arrange everything from a passenger ride at £20 per head, to a £20,000 exclusive site hire with full on-site catering and cars and instructors for 100 people.

We just ask that you’re honest with yourself and your group, work out how much you’d like to spend and we’ll advise you on packages that come in just under and just over that budget – so you know what you can get for a that much and a little more. It’s up to you what you choose, but we do have to know how much.

What can we do?

Anything we offer and more.

Our day to day is the following:

Supercar Grip Driving on a Circuit – Experience the handling proficiency of a supercar, experiencing lateral G-forces like you wouldn’t believe.

Drifting – Doing the irresponsible, responsibly. Destroying tyres in the most fun way possible.

Stunt Driving – Fancy a career change into the world of Hollywood movies? No problem.

Autosolo by Drift Limits – Test your handling skills in our custom designed course where we turn Autosolo on it’s head.


We’re the only place in the UK (and most of the world) where you can experience all of these, in one place, one one day.


Thing is, that’s just the beginning. We’ve put our heads together to come up with some crazy activities that you can take part in. Just have to ask us, or give a suggestion.

We’re a creative bunch and we’ll arrange activities and experiences totally out of the ordinary for you, as long as you’re up for it!

Do I have to be a business / have a special occasion to do group bookings with you?



Everyone can have a group booking with us.
Just get together a group of people, get in touch and we’ll sort something out for you.

Do I have to hire the site out for a group booking?

You can, but you don’t have to.

We offer Exclusive Use as an option for all group bookings of any size.
In fact, you can hire the entire site out just by yourself!

We can implement groups into our standard public sessions and still offer you special discounts for coming together.


Making it easy - The Contact Us Checklist.

When contacting us, please supply us with the following information so we can fast-track your enquiry.


  1. How many people in your group?
  2. What’s your budget per person / in total?
  3. Can you arrive for 08:30am?
  4. Are you looking for any specific dates in particular?
  5. Are you interested in a specific activity, eg: Drifting, Police Pursuit or just site hire?
  6. Would you like catering, eg: Hot Food / Buffet?
  7. Any special Dietary Requirements?
  8. Do all your participants have driving licences?
  9. Do you require exclusive use of our site or an area for your group?
  10. Do you wish to bring your own vehicles or other equipment to our site?


Filling in the above will help us greatly in arranging a booking with you.
Please be honest with your budget, if you tell us ‘no budget’ you’ll be quoted for full exclusive site hire!

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