Coronavirus COVID-19 and Drift Limits Experiences - Your Questions, Answered!

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 - Our Policy
The Policy can be found on our Terms and Conditions Page.

Information on what we’re doing to keep everyone safe at Drift Limits can be found on our COVID SAFE EXPERIENCES page

Will my experience be safe?

Of course!

We have a special Covid Safe Experiences Page that contains more information about what we’re doing on site.

What's going on with my experience booking? Have I lost all my money?

No you have not.


We POSTPONED ALL experiences which took place while we were closed..

This was due to the British Government’s advice regarding Covid-19, social distancing, closure of Leisure Facilities and the ongoing effort to get rid of this vicious viral threat to the human race.


We have not cancelled your experience and run away with all your money.
We are a reputable business and as per our terms and conditions, accepted when booking, we will offer your experience on another date.

All bookings are now going ahead as placed. If you have previously been postponed, you will have to re-book with us via email.

If there’s any change to the situation however, we will be in contact with you.

What does the 'one free re-booking' mean? If I re-book and you have to postpone again, do I have to pay?

ANY booking moved by Drift Limits at any time due to the current COVID 19 situation, incurs no re-booking fees or charges.
No matter how many times – but hopefully only once!

Please, re-book your experience for the next available date that you can attend. Don’t worry about re-booking, if we have to shuffle again, which we hope we won’t have to, we’ll be in touch and we WILL NOT CHARGE YOU.

Please note:

Should you wish to amend the date of your re-booking for any other reason, this may incur a re-booking fee in line with our terms and conditions.

When are you re-opening?


My voucher expires next week. What do I do?

I don’t have a booking yet and my voucher is expiring!

If you haven’t got an experience booking with us yet and your voucher is expiring soon, GO PLACE A BOOKING NOW!

I had a postponed booking and my voucher is expiring soon! Help!

Don’t worry at all. We’ve redeemed the voucher so the expiry date is now redundant. Any postponement to your experience is all under our control and you don’t have to worry about any third party voucher company or the expiry date on the voucher you bought from them.
Please contact us within the period advised in the email we sent you to re-arrange your experience.

I don’t know what date to book for / I’m not happy placing a booking with you until I am absolutely certain you’re going to be open.

We’re open now. No problem. If you haven’t placed a booking yet, place one on our website. If you aren’t sure yet what date you want to book for, just contact us within that time period as advised and we’ll get you booked in.

Our 90-Day re-booking period gives you more than ample time to re-arrange your booking with us and lay any concerns to rest.
You can read more about how the 90 day period works, further down in our FAQ.

We’re opening availability for booking at double the amount we usually do – 6 months ahead into the future and will be continually opening more dates as the months pass. You can, in effect, wait until the 89th day from your booking date and contact us to say you want to book on the last day of the furthest month away in our bookings calendar that’s published on our website on that date.
In the hopefully very unlikely instance that we have to postpone your booking again, we’ll let you know.

I paid a Saturday Surcharge, have I lost it?

Your website says Saturday Surcharges are non-transferrable. Have I lost that money?


When re-booking your experience, your Saturday Surcharge will be utilised for your next booking.


If I want to re-book to a weekday, will you refund this?

We greatly recommend you keep the credit with us; putting it towards extra laps, media and cdw options on the day of your experience.
You are welcome to request a refund, however they do take some time to process and the credit can be put to better use.

Bookings through certain agencies may require you to contact them directly should you wish to get a refund.
We’re happy to confirm if this is the case through email.

I bought Cancellation Indemnity, has this been affected?

If we have to postpone your experience due to Covid-19, If you’re self-isolating or heaven forbid, if you have caught the virus, your cancellation indemnity remains unaffected. We won’t use that credit up.

Essentially, including the Covid-19 re-booking, you’ve got 2 re-booking credits.


What does the '90 day period' mean?

The 90 day period is a ‘please get in touch with us within’ time frame. That’s it.


We ask that you get in touch, via email, within 90 days (basically 3 months) of the 15th of July, our re-opening date.

If your experience was booked for the 1st of January 2020, you’d have to email us by the 31st of March 2020. That’s some time!

Still confused? Use this handy tool to input when you’re booked in for and add 90 days to it. There’s your cut-off date.




We know that some people have been confused and have been emailing us saying they won’t ever get to do their experience, because we will probably still be shut in 90 days.

Firstly, we’re open now and we have no plans to shut again.

Secondly, that’s not true at all.

All you have to do, is not leave us hanging around and get in touch. Within a 90 day period.
If you don’t contact us within the 90 days, which is a long period of time, you’ll have to pay a re-booking fee.

ANY of the dates published on our website, for booking, can be chosen.

With us currently opening dates SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE, that’s a huge time period to re-book into.

If you’ve paid a Saturday Surcharge previously, that can be carried over and will be carried over free of charge.
If you haven’t previously booked for a Saturday and want to re-book onto a Saturday, you can… but a Saturday Surcharge will be due.

Need more confirmation? Get in touch and we’ll explain in more detail.


I'm over 70 and I've been told to self isolate for a horribly long time. What do I do?

Please, get in touch with us via email. We’ll talk with you directly about how to re-book your experience with us in the future.

Of course, no charge will be due.

Why can't I call you?

We’re really sorry if you have tried to call us and couldn’t get through.

Our phone lines have now opened, but are very busy indeed! We are there and our lines are open but we are likely answering other customers and ask you to bear with us.


The best way to get in touch with us is via email, as we have many members of staff available to answer your query.

We will read your email and we will get back to you.

Our staff are working as hard as they possibly can. We usually state a reply within 2 working days – however due to a reduced team size, this may take longer and we ask that you bear with us.

We work through emails chronologically as they come in, to be fair to all our customers.

Chasing emails will result in your email being pushed to the back of the queue and will likely delay any response.

Be patient, be kind and we’ll help. Being abusive to our staff is not something we will accept.

I've got another query that isn't in the FAQ

Sorry about that, we’ll be updating this as much as we possibly can.

We have a special Covid Safe Experiences Page that contains more information about what we’re doing.

You can always have a look through our Terms and Conditions Page for more info.

If you can’t find it there, the next step is sending us an email.

You can do this via the contact us page or at

Booking An Experience

How do I find out which dates the experience is running?

Please browse the experiences pages and check the calendar at the bottom of each page for availability. We are only able to publish dates three months in advance, new dates are released at the start of each month.


If you are struggling to find an appropriate date please contact us via email, dates further than a month in advance may be out of our direct control.

Can I change my date once it is booked?

Yes. Contact us as soon as possible.

If less than 21 days noticed is provided on a date change the experience can be cancelled and re-arranged for another date subject to an administration / re-booking fee. We offer one free re-booking for those giving us more than 21 days notice.

Rebooking fees are based on the full face value of the experience as listed on our website. Special offers, deals and Third Party Voucher prices are excluded.

Supercar, Race Car, Flagship, Stunt F1000 and Drifting Experiences Valued up to £80 – £25

Supercar, Race Car, Flagship, Stunt F1000 and Drifting Experiences Valued from £81 to £250 – £45

Supercar, Race Car, Flagship, Stunt F1000 and Drifting Experiences Valued greater than £250 – £75

Ultimate Passenger Ride Experience – £25

Under 17s Experiences valued up to £100 – £39

Under 17s Experiences valued over £100 – £69

Please also note that a Saturday surcharge is for an independent slot and cannot be transferred to another booking/re-booking. Experiences are non refundable, though we may be able to transfer your experience to another vehicle or participant upon request.

How do I pay for my Drift Limits experience?

All payments are made online through PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to pay through this method)

In some circumstances cash or online bank transfer may be accepted by prior arrangement.

Optional Extras and refreshments on site can be paid with cash or card.

We do not accept American Express.

Can I use my International / Automatic driving licence?

Yes, international licences are acceptable, as long as it is a valid manual license and is presented on the day.

Automatic licences are acceptable, but will restrict you to driving cars that have an automatic transmission – only a small number of our cars are automatic. If you view our restrictions page, we’ve indicated which cars are manual and which are automatic.

Are there any height, weight or age restrictions for this experience?

Please click here to view our list of height and weight restrictions for each vehicle.

Drivers must be at least 17 years old with a valid UK driving licence.

Participants in our Under 17’s driving experiences are excluded.

If you have any concerns, contact us directly, we may be able to make further suggestions.

Reedeeming A Discount Voucher

What do I do if my voucher is for two?

You will need to make two separate bookings in the same session on the same day using the same voucher code. This will need to be processed as two separate transactions.

I can't attend any dates before my voucher expires!

The expiry date is more of a “book by” date, as long as the booking is made 2 working days before your expiry we will be able to honour your voucher for any available date in our calendar.

Any concerns, contact us as soon as possible.

I have a voucher but when I place my booking it is asking me to pay again?

The full cost of the experience will show until you enter your voucher code at the checkout where the voucher will then be redeemed against the cost of the experience.

My voucher has expired, can I still use it?

If your voucher has expired please send us an e-mail to rather than placing a booking.

Expired voucher bookings will likely be cancelled and stop other customers from taking booking slots that they require.

We’ll need your full voucher details including the following:


Voucher Provider
For example, Groupon, Red Letter Days, Wowcher, Activity Superstore, Virgin Experience Days…

Voucher Number
For Groupon, we require the Security Code, for Virgin we require the full voucher reference and the PIN. Please get in touch if you’re not sure which code to send.

Date of Expiry
The full date on which it expired.

What experience the voucher was valid for.


With these details we can look into your voucher and advise what we can do to help.
We can’t guarantee there won’t be a charge or fee, but we’ll do everything we can to help ensure that your experience goes ahead.

The Experience and Venue

How many other drivers will there be at my experience?

The number of other participants in your session can vary depending on which experience you are attending.

There will often be other participants driving on other kinds of experiences from drifting to stunt-driving.

We aim to keep our session numbers low, this provides us more time for each participant and the opportunity to continue additional driving sessions without excessive waiting times.

Saturday bookings are always fully booked.

Can spectators come and watch?

Yes. We have spectator areas inside and out. Depending on availability, they may have the chance to sit beside one of our instructors for some thrilling hot-laps in a range of cars, or even get involved with some driving of their own!

Please be aware we are predominantly an outdoor venue, there are occasions when the indoor spaces are extremely busy or in use for functions. Please dress appropriately for the weather, warm clothes are often appreciated by spectators.

Can I bring my pets to the venue?

Unfortunately we cannot allow any pets to be brought to the venue.
The track is surrounded by active farmland with working animals including guard dogs who may visit at any time.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of all participants, the risk of an animal in the pitlane or on track is not one we can permit; The resulting incident could be catastrophic for animal, vehicle, guest and staff member alike. We must circumvent the possibility of this by asking that you respect our decision in the interest of health and safety.

Service dogs necessary for the participant or guests are welcome.

Are there any Hotels nearby?

Yes, there are many hotels within the area, why not check out the Partnership section of our Driver Club for more information?

We have discounts and special connections with many of them and our partnerships are increasing every month.

What happens if it rains?

All events will go ahead, with the exception of extreme weather conditions, i.e ice/snow.

In severe rainfall, where standing water is left on track, expect delays, or possibly cancellation of the Atom, single seater F1000 and McLaren experiences.

We have a hospitality unit on site to keep spectators and guests dry and comfortable at all times, but would suggest that wet weather clothing and umbrellas are packed.

What facilities do you have on site?

Car parking is free and the hospitality building is accessible via ramp.

Our bathroom facilities are nearby, but are only currently accessible via steps.

The nearest all access bathroom facilities are at the very near by service station.

We have an indoor refreshment café serving hot drinks, cold drinks, basic snacks and packaged sandwiches (subject to availability)

What do I need to wear?

Wear comfortable clothing, we suggest warm layers through spring and winter months and sunscreen and hats for summer.

It is essential you wear flat-soled, slim fitting shoes, particularly on Race Car experiences.

We unfortunately, due to COVID-19 can no longer provide wet weather gear and protective equipment.

Drift Limits Branded clothing including waterproofs, umbrellas, gloves, hats, T-shirts, beanies and more can be purchased from our cafe.

Helmets are mandatory, we have a choice of free hygiene hair-nets or cotton Race Balaclavas for £2 to ensure your comfort.

You may use your own Kite-marked helmet for our experiences, with the exception of our Atom experiences which use Helmet Intercoms.

What happens if I damage the car?

Drift Limits take participants Health & Safety very seriously, we have designed a circuit and experience format to minimise risk and offer a safe environment in which to drive. The chances of damaging a car should be very low, in any condition.

However, there is an inherent risk in any motorsport activity and we ask participants to be aware of these risks and take appropriate measures to maintain their own safety, by adhering to our conditions and following our instructors guidance.

Should damage be caused to a vehicle as a result of a participants driving, our participants accept to paying excess costs required to make good the damage – limited to £1400 excl. VAT in any one case.

There is an optional damage waiver available for experiences, this can be paid on the day of the event before the participant begins their session. This waives the liability to pay for accidental damage caused to vehicles during an experience, so long as the health & safety guidelines and instructor guidance has been followed.

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