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Searching for an exciting twist to elevate your upcoming event or create cinematic brilliance against a dynamic backdrop?

Look no further than Drift Limits Motorsport Academy.

Situated in the heart of England, a mere 20 miles north-west of London, our venue offers the perfect canvas for your creative vision.

Whether you’re planning a product launch, corporate gathering, or scouting an exceptional filming location, our site is your ideal choice. With extensive asphalt areas and a variety of handling and drift circuits, our venue caters to events of all scales.

Our expert event planning team, skilled drivers, and top-tier facilities guarantee a seamless experience. From PR launches to film productions, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Join us at Drift Limits, where the excitement of motorsport meets the magic of events and film, all in the heart of England.



You’ve likely encountered our venue on television screens, possibly without even realizing it. Our vast track has been chosen for numerous projects, making the most of the expansive spaces we offer. From thrilling car shoots to captivating documentaries, we’ve served as the backdrop for some remarkable TV moments.

For example, you might have seen Driftlimits on ITV’s popular Dancing On Ice series, where ITV’s studio conveniently resides on our airfield, allowing celebrities to enjoy a spin in our supercars. Similarly, BBC Click has captured awe-inspiring footage right here at our track, dedicating an entire episode to showcasing our cars and stunt team.

But we go beyond being just a filming location; we’re your premier choice for projects that require extensive open spaces, stunning vehicles, ideal lighting, or even prop cars. Our versatility knows no bounds. And let’s not forget our recent collaboration with Bloomberg TV as they filmed a captivating documentary featuring the Williams F1 team at our venue, highlighting our iconic Formula One Jordan EJ12 car. When it comes to making your TV project shine, we’re the ultimate destination.


We’re rather experienced when it comes to film. Everything from the largest action blockbusters to contemporary productions, we can host and assist you with. The entire Live Aid stage for Bohemian Rhapsody was constructed on our main runway. We helped Mission Impossible with Stunt procedures. We’ve been to the movies and we’ve starred in them.

Not just a venue for your production, we can offer full professional support with videographers, photographers, drone pilots, stabilised car-mounted camera rigs and of course, the cars and drivers too.

Drift Limits are a filming location with drivers, cars, instructors, stunt performers and training all in one place.


Work with some of the best stunt professionals in the industry directly through us, with a diverse range of racing, drifting and precision driving, we can provide not only a place for you to perform stunts, but the people that perform them. We have experience working closely with production to provide risk assessments, plan and coordinate action sequences and car chases.

From drivers fully trained in high speed tracking shots and stunt manoeuvres to the man on fire jumping from a height, we’ve got the talent and stunt doubles for productions worldwide.

If you need a practice space for your stars who like to do their own stunts or need a little help brushing up on their skills, we have dedicated space away from prying eyes and can supply consultants to help them pull off that bespoke stunt sequence and build a mock set to gain confidence for the shoot required.

Filming Location

Drift Limits, situated just outside of London, offers a versatile and exceptional filming location.

Its complex includes various areas that cater to a wide range of filming needs. From the pit and paddock hospitality suite designed with motorsport styling to the vast WWII runway with a rich history, filmmakers have access to a diverse set of backdrops.

The supercar circuit provides sweeping corners and high-speed turns, making it ideal for racing scenes, while stunt areas, including a skid pan, allow for capturing thrilling stunts.

The tight handling circuit on the runway is perfect for dynamic driving shots, and the dedicated drifting circuit adds excitement to any drift-focused scenes.

With 20 acres of farmland surrounding the site, Drift Limits also offers stunning landscapes, making it an all-encompassing location for filmmakers seeking a wide range of settings for their projects.

Previous Projects

These films below have utilised the Bovingdon Airfield Complex

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
    • Built the Full Size Live Aid Stage on our Runway!
  • The Mummy Returns
  • World War Z
  • Harry Potter
    • Stunt Area utilised for training
  • Batman V Superman
    • ‘Countryside’ set developed and filmed
  • Suicide Squad
  • Fury
  • Greyhound
  • Fast X
  • 633 Squadron
  • The War Soldier
  • Mosquito Squadron
  • Hanover Street
  • 1917
  • JD Sports & Chunkz – Train Like A Pro
  • Sidemen £1000 Car Challenge
  • Bloomberg – How Formula One Finally Hooked America
  • Young Sherlock
  • The Avengers (TV)
  • Blakes 7
  • ITV’s Dancing on Ice
    • Fun ‘cutaway’ segment with star and trainer driving cars on track
  • Sky Sports
  • BBC Click
    • Electric Car Special including lineup of vehicles, race between Tesla and Lamborghini Race Car
  • Wheeler Dealers
    • Vehicle Handover segment with cars driving around circuit in background
  • The Chicken Connoisseur
    • Passenger ride in vehicles while trying to eat chicken
  • Drift Queen
    • Becky Evans with Garage D & Red Bull, Training on Drift Circuit
  • Rich House, Poor House
    • Driving Experiences for a family filmed for television
  • You vs Chris & Kem
    • Stunt Driving Challenges
  • Young Sherlock
Filming Services

In addition to being a venue, we have our own on site media team.

Professional Photography, Drone operation and Videography with a sizeable toolbox at their disposal.

In our day-to-day operation, we produce Portrait Photos and Panning Shots for customers, HD-Video from helmet and car mounted Go-Pro cameras, gallery photos of our cars for web and promotional use and a host of video content.

We are very proud of the quality of what we produce and regularly are commended on the quality of our work, constantly being asked if we contract in!

If you’re in need of a further lens or two, our team can assist you with all of these measures and ensure that you have the equipment at your disposal in order to get the shots you need.

Stunt / Precision Driver Services

If your project requires driving, it’s safe to say that you’ve chosen the best venue at Drift Limits.

Not only an ideal film location venue, but also the best team of stunt drivers at your disposal for any kind of performance.
Whether it’s photogenic smooth driving for manufacturer commercials, enthusiastic high speed tracking car chase action shots, tandem drifting or an inch perfect high speed reverse j-turn into a parking space with a burnout exit whilst in pursuit with a helicopter our professional drivers are more than happy to assist with stunt production and coordination if needed.

If your stars are required to make the performance themselves, we can give all the training they need to be able to do it on a closed mock set to perfect the shoot required for when on location. No matter what weather conditions, terrain and obstacles we have experience and can assist co-ordinating the stunt sequence on our expanse of airfield. Our specialist stunt driving team can be made available to travel to designated film locations worldwide. We have experience in both training individuals, advising stunts, risk assessments and featuring in high pressure production films with the likes of Mission Impossible and The Mummy.

  • High Speed Driving
  • Stunt Sequences
  • Drifting
  • Driver Training
  • Stunt Coordination.

Drone Footage Of Our Venue

Music Video

The perfect venue with the perfect props.

If we can host a stage worthy of Queen, we can host anything.

Supercars, Race Cars, Tyre Smoke, wide open spaces, high speed driving, stunts, space for stages…

Just let your imagination run wild, ours already is and already has. Even our car park with some resting cars has featured in rap videos.

With our in-house media team available for support, we can offer more than just props and plots.


A favourite venue of the influencer, lifestyle blogger, car enthusiast and adventure seeking Youtuber, Drift Limits has seen many a vlog shot from it’s pit lane and on track. We’ve made our own with our specialist equipment and we can help with yours.

If you’re looking for incredible content that will wow your audience, we’re more than happy to help out, if you work with us.

We’ve several levels of Collaboration that we can offer, from posts and mentions to branded driver club pages and experiences that earn you commission.


There are many reasons why we produce such incredible content at Drift Limits, one main factor being our enthusiastic media team who are industry experts in their field of action photography and videography. With our help we can capture the perfect moment!

Our cars are some of the most beautiful works of art to have ever been created by man.

The lighting available to us at our vast airfield site can provide some of the most beautiful opportunities.

We’ve shot not only our cars, staff and customers, but their cars, their friends and family and pets too.

If you’re looking to spice up your ‘gram or produce stunning spreads for a fashion magazine, we’ve got everything you need.


Hire Our Drivers & Cars

We’re experienced not only on our own circuit, but at circuits and sites all around the country.
Our cars and our drivers can come to you, to take part in your events, whatever you may need a driver for.

If you require trained drivers to promote your own vehicle, perform stunts in your adverts or simply drive people around, we can supply you with highly trained professionals that can put the pedal to the metal, drift around any object or person and perform donuts, J-Turns and handbrake parks all day.

”I feel fortunate enough to have a ”day job” that blurs the line between work and play! My professional driving career has given me the opportunity to have worked alongside Ferrari, Aston Martin, Tesla, Lotus and BMW to facilitate the latest PR events either as an instructor or demonstration driver quite often helping like minded car nuts get faster and safer behind the wheel.”

If you haven’t got vehicles of your own, that’s no bother. Simply let us know which of our fleet you’d like us to bring along and we’ll shine it up, package it and send it out to you – either with a driver, or a marketing professional to help with your promotions.




Hire Our Circuits & Venue

Yes, you can hire our circuits!

We can host many different kinds of events that utilise either our circuits or just our site.

If you’ve got petrol or electric Go Karts and are looking for somewhere special to run an event, we’ve got the space and the tracks set up for you to run on. Our B17 Bomber circuit is a beautiful size and has more than enough run-off space around it for a seriously cool go-karting event.

The tracks lend themselves to many other uses too – Cycling, Remote Control Cars and even Slot Car Racing tracks can be laid out. We’re open to almost all ideas.

If you’re looking to arrange a car or motorcycle meet of any kind, from Local Car Clubs to International Marque Festivals or Pit & Paddock Show & Shine
Just talk to us about organising one and making it truly yours!

Vehicle testing is also an option, depending on the tyres utilised and noise of your vehicle.




Drift Limits are proud to be an exceptionally imaginative, creative hub of enthusiasm. If you have any ideas, please lay them upon us.

We pride ourselves in our independent way of thinking.

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