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Welcome to Drift Limits Public Drift Open Days!

As so many drift circuits and skid pans becoming increasingly harder to find, we have been pushing hard to host our own public drift/car control days.

We are delighted to now be able to invite enthusiasts and their cars to our driving facility!

Our designated circuit attracts drivers of all skill levels – it’s layout is constructed on the main runway of a WW2 bomber base, providing plenty of space to stretch the rev range in high speed slides.


Gates open at 7.30am
Morning Briefing at 8.30am
Morning Session 9.00am – 12.00pm
Lunch from 12.00pm –1.30pm
( Half day – Afternoon bookings: Arrival – 12.30pm & Briefing – 1.00pm )
Afternoon Session 1.30pm – 4.30pm

On The Day

You will be split into two groups; beginner drivers, you’ll find large amounts of run-off for the majority of the track allowing you to build confidence at your own pace, you will line up in our “Korma lane”.

For the more seasoned enthusiasts out there, we have the ‘Vindaloo Lane’ which can be quite spicy! in addition to the rest of the circuit, you continue through a high speed third gear entry into a second gear decel zone with the option to test your proximity and accuracy against the wall, representing a rear clipping point.

This drift line then follows into our ‘Zen Garden’ roundabout, bonsai tree and all, to twin around right in front of the sheltered spectator area – No pressure! There will be no twinning within the Korma lane however you can switch between the two as of when you like throughout the day. If one of our marshals feels you are in the wrong group, they will advise.



Limited to 25 entries per half day
Half Day @£60
Full Day @£109

Double driving Half Day @£94
Double driving Full Day @£164

Passenger bands @£25 Purchasable on the day only
(Drivers with driver band can become passengers)

Support parking @£5 booked in advance or £10 OTD

Spectators free entry

Please also note No Media packages for this day.
Car Regulations

Noise level NOT EXCEEDING 87dbs at 15 meters – tested as a drive-by on track continuously monitored throughout the day. Any breaches will result in the participating driver to stop driving immediately and will be asked to return to the pits and only allowed back on track if further improvements to ameliorate the noise output are met.

As of 13.06.2023 all cars attending must have a downturned exhaust tip. These can be removable but must be fitted to all cars taking part in any drift open day excluding cars that have a full OEM exhaust system fitted.

Static noise testing will be 90dbs from 0.5 meters at 45 degrees from the exit of the exhausts. (If the participating vehicle has a twin exit exhaust then the measurement will be taken from the middle of the two exits).The car must be at 3/4 throttle of the maximum rev range for the test, anyone seen to be actively misleading during the tests will be turned away on the day.

All cars will be scrutinized and noise tested to make sure they are safe and meet our regulations.

We highly advise that an OEM exhaust system should be fitted to participant’s vehicle to ensure the best possible chance of passing our scrutineering. Participants will then be invited back to return to our regularly held Drift Open events in the future without the fear of rejection (a standard Nissan 350z is the benchmark limit for approval).

The drift circuit will be wetted at all times to ensure our noise regulations are met and no tyre squeal is emitted.

Cars must have all body panels mounted securely at the beginning of the event including doors, wings, bonnet, boot lid, quarter panels, and bumpers.

Tow hooks are to be mounted front and rear to the participating vehicles.

A handheld fire extinguisher (minimum size 1kg) mounted within reach of the driver is not required but advised.

All window glass must be present or replaced with a shatterproof Lexan or similar material with the exception of the windscreen. This must be OEM laminated glass. All windows must remain closed when on track.

The vehicle battery must be fitted securely.

All vehicles must have functioning head lights and brake lights.

Only steel wheel nuts/bolts are permitted. Lightweight aluminium wheel nuts/bolts are not permitted.

Driver Regulations

All drivers who intend on driving at the event must:
Be 18 years of age or older with a full driving license, or;
15 -18 years of age must have a competition license from either BDC, Drift Cup, IDC or Drift Masters DMEC.

Drivers and passengers must always wear a helmet when on track. Full or open face motorsport-specific helmets are required. Motocross-style helmets are not permitted.

Any driver wishing to take passengers must ensure their passenger seat is also OEM standard seats and seatbelts OR a fixed back or recliner bucket seat with a minimum of a 4-point harness.

Double Drivers

The cost for double-drivers is £34 extra Half Day and £55 extra Full Day. Both drivers may only drive the car they have entered, not separate cars.

Note: Drift Limits driver entry passes cannot be refunded and as such, there is a no refund policy. By purchasing a pass for this event, you are agreeing to this policy.

You CANNOT purchase multiple passes with the intention of selling them on. Doing so will result in your pass being cancelled without refund.

You MUST ensure BOTH the driver and the car being driven abide by the rules above, which must be met in order to drive at this event. Failure to do so will result in the named driver not being allowed on track, with no chance of refund.

Tyre Changing Facilities

Please bring your own tyres if you want them changed.

£7 per tyre change (including free disposal)


Our own in-house media team will capture the event.

Drivers are welcome to bring their own recording equipment which must be fixed inside or outside the vehicle as long as they are fastened securely – subject to scrutineering.

No Personnel will be permitted on the circuit unless authorised or employed by Drift Limits.


All bookings are final once placed and no refunds are offered.

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