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The Original Collection

These experiences, usually hidden away in Driver Club, are now accessible to everyone as a taster of what Driver Club has to offer.
They’re soon to return however, and you’ll need to sign up to get the 50% off price – so grab them while you still can!

The ‘Police Pursuit’ Experience

Take driving experiences to another level and feel the pressure of this immersive and hugely intense adrenaline fuelled rush. Take the role of a fugitive on the run in a real high speed car chase who has just been reported for the felony crime of aggravated robbery and a recent GTA.

Two Secret Supercars Experience

The Secret Supercar experience is perfect if you’re not sure what you want to drive, just that you want to drive fast…in something seriously cool. When you sign in on the day of the experience you’ll be assigned your supercar which will be eagerly waiting for you in the pits.


Getting more for your money

As a Driver Club member, you can book our Original 14 lap GT experiences at HALF PRICE
This means you get more laps than a Blast or Thrill experience bought elsewhere – for exactly the same price.




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