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Our Under 17 Development programme has been intensively under the knife to get the best out of the time spent on the tarmac. We now have our Porsche Cayman as an upgrade vehicle along with an examination process which can quickly get our Under 17 drivers into one of our Supercars on a live circuit with 1-1 tuition. As a post launch promotion we’re applying an up to 50% discount for our gift vouchers, click here or the image below to take advantage!

The taster of the Driver Club experiences. These four new experiences have been brought out of the Driver Club, carrying a 50% discount as a small example of what is on offer if you choose to join. Interested? Join our free membership here

The Secret Supercar series is perfect if you’re not sure what you want to drive, just that you want to drive fast…in something seriously cool. When you sign in on the day of the experience you’ll be assigned your supercar which will be eagerly waiting for you in the pits.


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