Special Offers - Drift Limits

What Is On Offer?

Unveil the thrill of the unexpected with the Secret Six Supercar Experience. This unique experience offers an exhilarating day of supercar options, providing the driver with ultimate flexibility. The surprise factor adds to the excitement as your chosen supercar remains a mystery until the moment our expert team reveals it.

Rev up the excitement with the London VIP Motorsport Experience – the ultimate driving gift for any petrolhead. This action-packed day at the London Motorsport Circuit offers unparalleled flexibility. Choose from three thrilling motorsport options on the day: Supercars, Racecars, or Drifting. Dive into the world of motorsport by selecting your favourite car from one of the largest fleets worldwide, all just 40 minutes from Central London.

New for 2024 – The London VIP Passenger Ride Collection is an all-inclusive Passenger Experience providing guests with three different options to choose from at our London Motorsport Academy complex with three separate circuits and a VIP pass for the best possible trackside viewing.


London VIP Motorsport Experience

London VIP Passenger Ride Collection

The Original Collection – Up to 50% Off

These experiences, previously hidden away in the Driver Club, are now accessible to everyone as a taster of what Driver Club on offer.

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