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1:1 Stunt Tuition

Drift Limits and the British Stunt Register have a long history of steering talented stunt professionals to a specific BSR level of driving competency – creating the UK’s most exciting and dedicated stunt driving venue. We aim to teach aspiring stunt individuals the expertise needed in order to competently deliver varied driving stunts with unbelievable precision on a simulated high pressure film set. This is the best way to experience stunt driving or develop a career in the industry with the British Stunt Register. A  Driving school renowned for by stunt co-ordinators and directors.

At our London Motorsport Academy in Hemel Hempstead, we have three dedicated circuits and over 22,000m² of versatile driving surface, providing a safe and flexible environment to develop car control, coordinate an enormous range of stunts and practise for auditions. We have been providing personable, friendly and accessible supercar, drifting, off-road rally jumps and stunt experiences since 2011 with a fleet of over 100 vehicles for diverse training and synchronised stunt rehearsals.

As one of the most sought-after film locations in the UK, our facility has set the stage for numerous blockbuster movies and TV shows. In fact, some of our esteemed staff and one to one clients are accredited stunt professionals, handpicked for their exceptional skills and experience in high-stakes action sequences.

They have showcased their talents in Hollywood’s biggest productions, where precision and flawless execution are paramount. Seeking perfection and continuous improvement, these professionals choose Drift Limits as their training ground, benefitting from our safe and controlled closed sets and specially designed stunt areas with fresh tarmac, loose gravel and off-road terrain to practise on.

The British Stunt Register is the world’s leading and largest association of stunt professionals. They provide the international film and television industry with stunt performers and co-ordinators of the highest standard, offering recognised routes into the professional industry, providing coaching, admin and casting to support their members.

The Techniques
  • J turns – High and low speed
  • J- turns into parking bays
  • J-turns with ABS including initiating flick
  • Hand brake turns
  • Handbrake 90′ stops
  • Handbrake 180’s and drive away
  • Handbrake Parallel Park
  • Handbrake precision with start marks, navigation marks and handbrake into marked box
  • Donuts
  • Understeer / oversteer control and creation
  • Figure of 8’s
  • 90 drift peel out
  • 180 drift peel out
  • 90 drift through corridor
  • 180 drift through corridor
  • 90  drift through intersection (gated start and finish)
  • Slaloms – Forward and reverse
  • Rolling 180 (handbrake to reverse roll)
  • Slaloms to Handbrake 90 Box park
  • Slaloms to Handbrake 180 Box park
  • Proximity driving through gates
  • Cat & Mouse driving
  • Mirrored and Synchronised manoeuvres as a ‘stunt display’
  • “Chase” driving
  • Stunt autosolo track
  • Controlled spin simulation
  • Reverse Slalom to J-turn
  • 360′ high speed
  • Rolling 180 to J-turn (Handbrake to reverse J-turn)
Prices & Booking

Stunt Half Day = £399

2 hours of stunt action

Stunt Full Day = £749

4 hours of stunt action

To book a drift 1:1 please email info@driftlimits.co.uk with your choice of package and 2-3 suitable dates for you to attend.

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