Corporate Group Bookings

We offer a plethora of options for corporate groups, from the standard ‘Team Building’ day, to unique challenges developed for your own business needs.

The most important thing to know about all of our Group Bookings, is that they are completely tailor made and customised to your specifications; often combined with a series of challenges to keep even the most competitive minds on edge. We can even offer complete exclusivity so it’s just your group and the Drift Limits complex, making the date even more special, focused and of course… private.

Let your group explore the world’s most diverse roster of supercars, drift cars and FIA globally homologated race cars totally exclusive to Drift Limits. An experience shared together colleagues or clients is a unique experience doubled in fun, reward and unforgettable memories. We’re unique, we’re the only Motorsport Academy in the world where you can experience drifting, supercars, race cars, single seaters and stunt driving all in one mad action packed day.

Team Reward Days

If you’re looking to do something great to reward your team for a job well done, a great year or just giving an opportunity to form well grounded relationships with clients to connect on a personable level; then drive your business to success with the Team Reward at Drift Limits.

Our instructors and our cars are second to none. With a range of technical circuits you get to experience the cars right up to their limits, we’ll either encourage or reassure each and every team member to make sure no matter what their personality and view to driving is, they get the most out of it.

The bottom line – How much does it cost?

A lot less than you think!

With custom packages being what we do best, all we need to know is the bottom line.

Drop us a message with when you’re looking to book for, how many people and what your budget is for the date.

Team Building Days

A well functioning team is critical in any business so let them know you care about them and do something a bit special…
The benefits of Team Building experiences have been well researched and documented, they’re not just about having a fun day out of the office.

We’ve developed a series of activities and programs that have shown great improvement in cohesion between clients, from sharing the absolutely hilarious or elated moments they experience track-side in conversation or perhaps a test of trust in a blindfold relay race around the circuit or a test of leadership as the team brainstorms and deploys tactics in order to accurately clip apples around the circuits apex’s.

With our creative challenges and your direction, we can build upon a groups strengths and
weaknesses and ultimately tighten trust and friendship forever – a trait really worth investing in.Car Comparison – Team Bicycle Building – Relay Race – Object Retrieval – Quizzes – Pit Stop wheel change challenge – Blind Reversing  – Most Improved Driver and of course, the Police Pursuit Experience.

Team Skills Development

We’ve been approached by companies before who are looking for something a little different… Specific… Unique.

We can tailor make an experiences for your team that are guaranteed to get them conversing better, working better together and developing both leadership and tasking skills.


Concentration and working under pressure

We operated an incredible experience for a new hotel, looking to train their valet parking attendants.
With little experience driving luxury cars in challenging situations, we put them through their paces with simple driving manoeuvres… then stepped it up by introducing an autosolo style challenge course.

Not to do things by halves, we then started with the pressure. Distractions from unwanted passengers, loud music and even air-horns were quickly filtered out by their staff who developed new handling skills and the ability to carry out their tasks under extreme pressure.


Following Instructions

Blind Driving exercises are incredible at building the skill of following instruction from management and colleagues.
We start these challenges off with a few laps driven at low speed, without the blindfold. Once they lose the ability to see, all actions taken must exactly mirror what the driving instructor is saying to them. To ignore or not take heed could result in an embarrassing offroad deviation from the circuit!

These instructional challenges are not only carried out going forwards… we’ve got challenging off track sections that require being able to reverse a car while only looking forward and heeding the instructor’s call.

If you want to build up a working relationship with your team member, we’ll even ‘put you in the car’ and ask you to give instructions from a safe distance over the radio! This not only challenges them, but your ability to give instruction…



For those wishing to develop their management skills, the ability to constantly assess a situation and react accordingly is an essential trait. Our instructors will sit back in the driving seat and allow you to take charge – talking them through every corner of the track just as you have been before. If you’re feeling confident and want to put your skills to the test, they’ll even put the blindfold on and ‘see’ how good you really are. The aforementioned reversal challenge is also a great way to put your ability to relay information to the test. We can let you oversee a project (pit stop wheel change) while being overseen by our health and safety supervisors – putting you under pressure to lead and perform in your own right.


Imagination, creativity, thinking outside the box, trust, management.

Challenge us to challenge you.

Corporate Entertainment

Take advantage of our hospitality that can accommodate up to 65 people inside or 150 outside while you convert our site into a presentation venue to show off to your potential clients.

We’ve hosted business breakfasts, networking events and corporate presentations, with the best way to show off and reward those who have listened to your presentation waiting just outside in the pit lane.

With on-site catering available in all conceivable dietary requirements, we can offer breakfast, lunch or even dinner options of the freshest and highest quality food.

We have branding on our cars, however if you wish to bring along your own company branding, place it around our site and in our briefing rooms to remind your clients as to who arranged the day for them, with our exclusive site use packages, we can offer much more than a standard trip to a restaurant, pub or show.

PR Events and Site Hire

Nothing spices up an event like Supercars and a Race Track.
We may be biased on this one, but we believe if you want to keynote a new product, promote your company, celebrate the success of a new line or launch your new business, you can’t find a better site than this one.
Driftlimits Motorsport Academy is situated in the heart of England – just 20 miles north-west of London, with excellent road and train links. 10 mins from junction 20 on the M25 and 10 minutes from Junction 7/8 of the M1.
Learn more on our PR Events page.

Making it easy - what we need to know.

When contacting us, please supply us with the following information so we can fast-track your enquiry.


  1. How many people in your group?
  2. What’s your budget per person / in total?
  3. Can you arrive for 08:30am?
  4. Are you looking for any specific dates in particular?
  5. Are you interested in a specific activity, eg: Drifting, Police Pursuit or just site hire?
  6. Would you like catering, eg: Hot Food / Buffet?
  7. Any special Dietary Requirements?
  8. Do all your participants have driving licences?
  9. Do you require exclusive use of our site or an area for your group?
  10. Are you looking to film?
  11. Do you wish to bring your own vehicles or other equipment to our site?


Filling in the above will help us greatly in arranging a booking with you.
Please be honest with your budget, if you tell us ‘no budget’ you’ll be quoted for full exclusive site hire!


It's time to secure your date.
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