Damage Liability Reduction 1:1 Bookings

£55.00£75.00 inc VAT

Drift Limits Ltd have agreed that on my purchase of additional indemnity should there be any damage to any vehicles I drive I will not have to pay the first £4,500 + VAT of damage as previously stated on the Disclaimer form for my experience, instead my Damage Liability be reduced dependent on the option I choose and purchase as outlined below.

Option 1: Reduce Liability from £4,500 + VAT to £500 + VAT
Option 2: Reduce Liability from £4,500 + VAT to £50 + VAT

Option 1 can be purchased for £55.
Option 2 can be purchased for £75.

The liability reduction is void if I am found to be driving negligently/dangerously or break the conditions of the disclaimer form for my experience.
This liability reduction is non refundable.

I confirm that I am not suffering from any illness or disability whether permanent or temporary which will affect my control of vehicles being driven or instruction being taken. I can confirm I hold a valid UK/International driving licence.

This damage liability reduction is applicable to 1:1 Race Car, Super Car and Drift experiences ONLY. No damage liability reduction is applicable to Jordan EJ12 F1 Car Driving Experiences.

Purchase of the incorrect liability reduction may result in a lack of application to your experience.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • 24 hour clock

These optional items can be purchased at reception when filling in your disclaimer form.

Please confirm with our team that you would like to purchase a Damage Liability Reduction.

Please note it cannot be purchased retroactively and must be chosen, confirmed and paid before driving activities begin.

The Damage Liability Reduction is valid for one participant only, the participant named in the experience booking.

Terms for the DLR can be found in our Terms & Conditions and upon arrival a disclaimer must be signed agreeing to the terms of participation and the waiver if purchased.

Drift Limits reserve the right to amend their Terms & Conditions of participation and the DLR at any time.