Driver Club Drifting Vouchers

£54.00£296.50 inc VAT

You will be accompanied with world-class instructors to help you learn as quickly as possible stretching your ability to the limit. You will be taught how to initiate drifts utilising professional drifting techniques such as:

Lift-off and power oversteer
Hand brake entries
Clutch kicking
Scandinavian flicks

After practicing the basics of weight transfer on tight technical chicanes, you will learn how to flick the car sideways in transitional drifts and balance epic slides around fast sweeping corners under full throttle. You will be ‘steering from the rear’ before you know it, linking several bends up together on full opposite lock, all in the safety of our purpose built North Circuit at Bovingdon Airfield.

We have two different vehicles in our drift fleet, the Mazda MX5 or the Nissan 350z. All vouchers hold a 12 month validity period. Please note that Saturday Experiences incur a £25 – £45 Surcharge depending on experience length. This will be required at checkout when the experienced is booked.







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Min height: 5′
Max height: 6’3″
Max weight: 18 stone
Physically fit with no serious health conditions
Glasses must be worn if needed
Full manual driving license
Flat-soled shoes must be worn

Gift vouchers are set for weekday experiences, Saturday bookings incur a surcharge payable when booking the experience date.