HD Video

£25.00 inc VAT

We use GoPro Hero 7 cameras recording in Full HD with HyperSmooth Stabilisation, mounted to your helmet* to catch all of the action inside and in front of the car. This way, you’ll not only be able to watch back your video and show off your laps, but also analyse your driving technique in great detail.

Before you go out on your drive, you’ll be given a lanyard with a Micro SD card attached in a USB converter. Please make sure this lanyard is visible to your instructor(s) so that they are aware you have booked a video package and can set up the GoPro accordingly before driving.

Feel free to use your SD Card as much as you can on the day! Each card will hold approximately an hour of footage so there will be plenty of room for your experience and any extras you choose to do.

Once you’ve completed your experience with us, the SD Card, USB Reader and Lanyard are yours to take home with you.

*Helmet mounts will be used where possible. If required, we will use an in-car mount as an alternative.

HD Video Recordings of your experience will be saved to a memory card, supplied with USB reader on a Drift Limits branded lanyard for you to take away on the day of your experience.

Pre booked media packages are subject to availability on the day of your experience. If not available a full refund will be issued.