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If you’re based in the Borough of Dacorum, you’re aware that it’s a truly incredible place to be.
Somewhere we don’t think gets the appreciation it deserves, so if you want an exciting place to visit, then..

Look no further.

The people here care so much about their surroundings and their community. The whole borough is a thoroughly stunning mixture of stylish urban and beautiful countryside. There’s constant development, both economic and natural, with businesses expanding and parks and reserves blossoming; a balance rarely found elsewhere. It’s a place filled with stunning artistry, impressive history, farmers markets, a wealth of incredible businesses and so much to do, experience and see. Dacorum is a hub for recreational sports and leisure due to its spacious setting and its close proximity to London.

Being part of one of the few places with such a diverse range of impressive centres for snowsports, mountain climbing, extreme sports, indoor and outdoor leisure centres, and indeed with motorsports as well, we share Dacorum’s vision:

‘To be a leader in the promotion of health and wellbeing with physical activity being a key driver in creating healthier, more active communities.’

We welcome our site being used creatively to promote physical health and wellbeing, our site is used to host meet and greet networking events, and we run a number of educational and charity days to engage with our community.

We are partnered with the Hemel Hempstead Cycling Club who use our circuits for national race events with British Cycling. We care about Dacorum so ‘look no further’ and champion it as a place to come visit, stay, see and enjoy.

The current situation in this country will likely see people travelling once again in the UK a lot more, rather than travelling abroad.
We want to see Dacorum recognised as a Staycation Destination as well as a Tourism Destination.

Through continuing work with local charities, council departments, business groups and more, we invest our time and money in the local community and developments which ensure we can give the most to all who visit us, work with us and work for us.

Drift Limits are heavily invested in Dacorum and the wider area too.

We work in Dacorum and we work together to create a community based recreational hub at our home – Bovingdon Airfield.

Curious? Join the Driver Club to see what we offer our customers.


If you’re a local hotelier and want to attract more business from the attractions industry (that’s us) then why not allow us to direct our customers to you?

With global exclusives and a huge variety of activities that guarantee visitors from all walks of life, Drift Limits have customers from all backgrounds travel from all around the world – all looking for somewhere to stay during their trip.

We offer fun activities galore for both domestic and corporate clients. Connecting with us could score you that extra or returning conference booking, by offering them the experience of a lifetime along with your rooms and meeting facilities.

Not only that, why not get involved in our Approved Partner Hotel Scheme to earn commission on last minute bookings that you place for your guests, right there at your reception desk?

Pubs and Restaurants

“The History of every major Galactic Civilization tends to pass through three distinct and recognisable phases, those of Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication; otherwise known as the How, Why, and Where phases. For instance, the first phase is characterised by the question ‘How can we eat?’ the second by the question ‘Why do we eat?’ and the third by the question ‘Where shall we have lunch?” – Douglas Adams

Although we’re not quite on a Galactic Scale yet (although we’re still dreaming about our Tesla on Mars Experience) we do want to make sure that our customers get the best when it comes to dining. We don’t have a fully fledged restaurant on site and we certainly don’t have any alcohol either. When they’re done with us however and need somewhere to refuel, they do ask us. We’re more than happy to pass on your details and give them places to choose from. If you want to offer a discount on their food bill, it’ll only sweeten a savoury deal!

Local Attractions

The great thing about the fantastic Borough of Dacorum is that it’s absolutely brimming with incredible places and activities;

White knuckle experiences for the thrill-seekers, Culture for the learning, Art for the pondering and Nature for the wandering.

Our visitors, many of whom stay in local hotels, are keen to explore more of the area while they here. Let us tell them about you!

We’re happy to site leaflets and cards in our visitor centre and of course information on our website.

With so much to see and do in Dacorum and somewhere they now know they can visit to, stay, eat, drink and explore… put yourselves on the map and make Dacorum the Staycation Destination it deserves to be.

Charity holding a fundraiser?

We’re more than happy to help out with local Charities and we actively support
Community Action DacorumWillow Foundation and Raise – The West Herts NHS Hospitals Charity

with donations through our website and events hosted every single year.

If you’re holding a fundraiser and are looking for someone to donate an experience, please do get in touch with us.
We may not be able to donate to every single cause, but we’re happy to offer experiences at ‘cost price’ to charities, that you can auction to raise money.

We’re also happy for charities to get involved with our Show & Shine events, with FREE fundraising stalls available.

Events Organisers, Venue Scouts, Business Networkers

If you’re in the events business and are looking for somewhere to add to your portfolio of activity offerings,
if you’re a venue scout and want to add us to the list of places you can arrange events,
if you’re a business networking group and are looking for places to meet or activities to offer your group;

We’re more than happy to work with you.

Just send a ‘Business Enquiries’ message via the form on our website and our team will be in touch.

Our Current Partners

Want to be part of our Local Partnerships? Get in touch with our Business Development Manager to set up a meeting
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