Junior Driving Experiences

Getting a head-start in car control has been proven to be of enormous benefit when on-road learning starts for the first time. With a grasp over the controls of vehicles developed in the comfort of our closed circuits, young driver’s can concentrate solely on the challenge of navigating public roads safely. With greater awareness, understanding and control these drivers are better prepared for a long and trouble-free driving career.


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Fun Drive 

Take the wheel alongside our approved instructors, allowing you to drive in a stress free environment within the openness of our circuit! The result? A far more engaging and fun approach to your first driving experience, keeping you ahead of the game and accelerating your driving ability much earlier than you would on the busy public roads. Average seat time is approximately 45 minutes.

Fun Drive Advance 

Drivers can further their understanding about potential hazards on the road and how to respond to them in a practical scenario off the roads. Safety is paramount but the emphasis is on having fun! Practice essential car control building up confidence. Average seat time is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Fast 2 Track

If you seriously can’t wait to get behind a selection of supercars and drift cars and join the adult track day driving experiences, our Under 17‘s Fast 2 Track programme for children aged 11-16 is probably the experience for you. With 2hr 30 mins of driving, youngsters will have enough time to master the basics of car control and further their understanding about potential hazards on the road and how to respond to them in a practical scenario off the roads.

Motorsport Academy Licence 

After a quick practice, one of our instructors will ask you to perform a series of activities, checking your skills and abilities. If you pass, you’ll be awarded your own Motorsport Academy Licence, which opens up the world of Drift Limits to you, unlocking the next level of driving. This enables you to then progress into our supercars such as Lamborghini’s or Ferrari race cars, joining the adult sessions flat out around our track, before you even pass your driving test! 1/2 hour experience including briefings and Motorsport Academy Licence.



Passenger Experiences

There’s no better way to experience a Supercar, Race car or Drift car than at the hands of a professional. With years of practice, the lines between what seems possible and what is possible have become blurred – as will the scenery when you experience the full ferocity of our fleet. Only for the brave…


Want to know what you can drive with us when you pass your Motorsport Academy Licence or get your full UK driving licence?

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