Multi Car Vouchers

£119.00£703.50 inc VAT

All experiences start with a friendly welcome briefing – covering safety, track etiquette, racing lines and performance driving techniques, giving the drivers an opportunity to ask questions about their experience. Next, drivers are given 3 increasingly paced passenger sighting laps to demonstrate techniques from the briefing before finishing with a full-pace high speed lap to get the pulse racing.

From there on the drivers will receive 1:1 instruction from our outgoing, expert instructors to help develop technique and building pace lap after lap.

There are a whole host of options below to browse, don’t forget to decide how you prefer your voucher provided. All vouchers hold a 12 month validity period. Gift vouchers are set for weekday experiences, Saturday bookings incur a £39 surcharge, payable when booking the experience date.

Step 1: Choose a Blast or Thrill: 8 or 12 Lap Experience.

Step 2: Choose a Digital or Printed Voucher: Emailed or delivered to you.

Step 3: Choose your Cars!

Multiple Supercars – Choose up to Six of your favorite Supercars.
Vs Experience – Choose your two favourite Supercars and put them to the ultimate test around the track.

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