Stunt 1:1 – Full Day – 4 Hour

From: £749.00 inc VAT

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For those looking to take on a new career or for stunt professionals requiring practice and assistance with specific manoeuvres, the Drift Limits stunt 1:1 offers everything you need to develop new skills or hone existing ones.

With in-house stunt professionals who have worked in the industry as professional stunt men and women, we offer custom training that’s completely tailored to your needs.

Skill Examples

The below are some of the skills we can cover in our sessions.
Simply speak with us when booking or at the start of your session and we’ll cover whatever you require.


  • J turns – High and low speed
  • J- turns into parking bays
  • J-turns with ABS including initiating flick
  • Hand brake turns
  • Handbrake 90′ stops
  • Handbrake 180’s and drive away
  • Handbrake Parallel Park
  • Handbrake precision with start marks, navigation marks and handbrake into marked box
  • Donuts
  • Understeer / oversteer control and creation
  • Figure of 8’s
  • 90 drift peel out
  • 180 drift peel out
  • 90 drift through corridor
  • 180 drift through corridor
  • 90  drift through intersection (gated start and finish)
  • Slaloms – Forward and reverse
  • Rolling 180 (handbrake to reverse roll)
  • Slaloms to Handbrake 90 Box park
  • Slaloms to Handbrake 180 Box park
  • Proximity driving through gates
  • Cat & Mouse driving
  • Mirrored and Synchronised manoeuvres as a ‘stunt display’
  • “Chase” driving
  • Stunt autosolo track
  • Controlled spin simulation
  • Reverse Slalom to J-turn
  • 360′ high speed
  • Rolling 180 to J-turn (Handbrake to reverse J-turn)



Our 1:1 sessions start at your arrival time, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your session time
to sign in and prepare for the session.

Terms and Conditions

Stunt 1:1

All driving during our Stunt sessions is carried out in our specially modified Mazda MX5s

Driver must hold a valid MANUAL UK or international equivalent driving experience that entitles them to drive vehicles equivalent to UK licence category B. A manual licence must be held. Automatic vehicles are not available for this experience.

Driver must comply with and meet height and weight restrictions which vary between vehicle and agree to terms and conditions to participate in experience.

Disclaimer must be completed in order to participate.

A Damage Liability Reduction can be purchased on the date of your experience from our reception.



All standard rebooking terms and conditions apply, please check before arranging your booking with us.

As 1:1 bookings are bookable direct with Drift Limits and are priced at Driver Club rates, the price paid is the price referenced when arranging a rebooking or calculating a rebooking fee.


If you would like to book a 4 hour session, please contact us.

Please ensure to select the correct booking option from the drop down menu below (if shown) before selecting your date. The arrow to the top right corner can be used to navigate to future months.

Session Information

4 Hour custom 1:1 Stunt Training sessions.

Session carried out in Mazda MX5s.

Full Driving Licence Must be held.

Driver must be in good physical health with no major health conditions.

Height Limit: 6’2″ / 1.88m

Weight Limit: 18 stone / 115kg

We do not recommend doing donuts in cars after eating them.


A Damage Liability Waiver can be purchased on the day of the experience, when signing in and completing your disclaimer paperwork. Your maximum liability is £4500 + VAT, reductions to £500 is available for £55 or a reduction to £50 for £75. The Damage Liability Reduction is entirely optional.


The Saturday Surcharge is £100 for all 1:1 Bookings.


Please read the Terms and Conditions, they must be agreed in order to place your booking.

Height, weight & drivetrain restrictions can be found here