Driver Club – Drift passenger ride

From: £25.00 inc VAT

Our Passenger Drift Hot Lap Experience enables you to sit shotgun next to our pro drifter for 2 insane sideways hot laps linking up our dedicated drift circuit.

You will be strapped into a fully prepared Nissan 350z drift car or modified BMW 330 Drift Taxi and chucked lock to lock as you are pinned to the side of the seat – our guests usual reaction? Uncontrollable giggles of excitement, smiling around the entire circuit as we leave huge thick lines of black burning rubber and a cloud of smoke trailing behind us. Expect adrenaline, dramatic entries and high speed clipping points. This art form of motorsport first originated in Japan is one of the most spectacular and ridiculously fun!

*Hero Car – Infinity G35 – Subject to £9 upgrade on the day. Subject to availability.

Please note that Saturday bookings will incur a £15 Saturday surcharge.

Please ensure to select the correct booking option from the drop down menu below (if shown) before selecting your date. The arrow to the top right corner can be used to navigate to future months.

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