Driver Club Stunt Vouchers

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Our instructors will push you to the limit in our fleet of stunt prepared Mazda Mx-5’s, as you learn how to execute inch perfect handbrake turns into parking bays and learn how to do high speed J-turns. This requires nerves of steel and outstanding car control as you find and adjust your point of balance in the car, with steering inputs and throttle to keep the car balanced.

The Pro Stunt Driving experience is a full on course designed to perfect your technique with a challenging set of automotive stunts. You will receive one-to-one instruction on each manoeuvre, trying your hand at high speed J-turns, handbrake 180° turns, and drifting. These are skillful exercises which focus on throttle control, combined with correct counter-steering to keep the car in a perfectly balanced slide. Much like a professional driver would be required to perform on set.

All vouchers hold a 12 month validity period.


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Safety and Sensibility note: We do not condone unsafe driving on public roads. All skills taught during the Stunt experiences are for entertainment purposes only, under the eyes of specially trained professionals. The only other place you should perform these is on a movie set.