Passenger Experiences

£41.00£201.50 inc VAT

Supercar, Race car or Drift cars, we offer passenger experiences in each of them… and all of them!

We’ve developed our passenger experiences to provide a cheap and cheerful thrill for yourself or loved ones.

If you’re visiting us to drive a car but are a little tentative, wanting to take it easy and not run the risk of an… ’embarrassing incident’ then after your drive, take to the passenger seat and one of our own in-house professional drivers will show you the absolute limitations of that vehicle.

Don’t hog all the fun, if someone was lovely enough to buy you an experience with us and you want to show them your appreciation, a thrill ride alongside one of our drivers shows that you care.

The youngest members of your family also deserve a bit of fun while you’re on track. Grab them a small ride that they’ll be boasting to their friends about and keep them in your good books for a few more days!