Tesla vs Viper Driving Experience

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The turning point in motor history is here and the vision is electrifying. An ongoing power-plant debate that begs to be investigated first hand in the battle for admiration and innovation – petrol vs electric.

Can a BEV really be faster than the very latest American-made supercar to roll off the Detroit assembly line? It’s old muscle vs new muscle.

Fighting for fuel supremacy, a car which is revered as one of the most powerful in existence. The latest (and supposed last) generation Dodge Viper has an 8.4L V10 combustion engine that spits flames out of its dual side exit exhausts and can reach 206mph.

The electric contender steps into the ring, the Tesla Model S P90D. It comes equipped as a comfortable family saloon car, yet it has a button: Engage Ludicrous+mode. Press this and the car preheats the battery pack for optimal power which gives you 762bhp powered through dual electric motors providing traction across all 4 wheels delivering instant peak power – a huge advantage for unexpected drag runs.

It’s not all about straight line speed – cornering capability is also vital on the racetrack – so let’s put the Viper and the Tesla, two opposing pinnacles of motoring, head to head for a shakedown on track.

  • 30 Minute Introductory Briefing: Covering racing lines, throttle/braking technique and track day safety etiquette.
  • 4 Sighting Laps including 1 high speed passenger lap in a track prepared sports car.
  • 8 Laps driving the Dodge Viper SRT VX followed by 8 laps driving the ‘Ludicrous’ Tesla P90D with 1:1 tuition from our motorsport instruction team
  • Take part in the optional ‘Racing Line Trophy Challenge’ on the last 2 laps where you will be assessed on accuracy of the racing line, driver control and steering input to demonstrate the perfect track lap.

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Session Information

Height and weight restrictions can be found here
Physically fit with no serious health conditions
Glasses must be worn if needed
Full manual driving licence
Flat-soled shoes must be worn

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