Driver Club – Flagship Thrill

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Driver Club – Flagship Thrill Experiences

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  • Driver Club Thrills give TWICE the laps as a Blast, for a fraction of the price.
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  • 30 Minute Introductory Briefing: Covering racing lines, throttle/braking technique and track day safety etiquette.
  • 4 x Sighting Laps including 1 high speed passenger lap in a track prepared sports car.
  • 8 driving laps in chosen Flagship Car with an instructor co-driver.


Flagship Cars

Our Flagship vehicles are a carefully curated collection of our most unique and highest performing Supercars. With each car in this collection offering an unparalleled driving style, the flagship car collection guarantees an extraordinary experience.

You can drive :

Tesla Model S P90D / Dodge Viper VX SRT / Ariel Atom 300 / 1968 “Bullitt” Ford Mustang / Ford “Eleanor” Mustang / Nissan GTR 1200 Horsepower / Lamborghini Gallardo / Ferrari 360 Modena

What Is a Driver Club Thrill?

The Driver Club Thrill is our way of saying, Thanks for coming direct to us and signing up for Driver Club.

If you’ve got a Driver Club Card from coming to drive with us, a receipt from one of our experiences or have joined online, you’ll have our Driver Club Password.

We can’t tell you what it is here of course, but signing up for Driver Club takes seconds. The password will come to your email (after verification) and you input it on our website where it’s stored for your booking.

You’re welcome to share your Driver Club privileges with Friends and Family, book experiences for them and show them how to join.

Book Direct, Save Money, Drive More.

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Session Information

(If a vehicle from the list above is not showing up as an available option to book, this means it is currently off grid. Rest assured we are working our hardest to have it ready to race again as soon as possible)